Weddings In Mallorca

Venue 1 

We are delighted to present a selection of our stylish Mallorcan venues.  If you don't see something that takes your fancy, please contact us directly as we are constantly adding to our list of suitable venues.  We are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Luxurious and chic boutique hotel with fabulous views of the port below.


Excellence and beauty is all around in this diamond of a venue.


Located 30 minutes from Palma

Venue 2

Premier resort hotel set in a sandstone village bursting with handsome squares and narrow streets.


Located 45 minutes from Palma

Venue 3

Venue 4

Sophisticated and chic hotel with stunning mountain views, a true oasis of tranquillity.


Located 45 minutes from Palma

Luxe hideaway in a converted fortress which oozes glamour and has views to die for.


Located 35 minutes from Palma

Venue 5

Luxury boutique hotel located in a seventeenth century estate.  Peace and tranquillity can be found at every turn.


Located 20 minutes from Palma

Venue 6

An exclusive and charming hotel with a clifftop walk and direct access to the sea via a stairway carved into the rock.


Located 60 minutes from Palma

Venue 7

Stylish hotel with superb mountain views.  It is a very pretty village, unspoilt by tourism, with charming cobbled lanes that have been lovingly tended over the years and are lined with beautiful flowers and plants.


Located 30 minutes from Palma

Venue 8

Luxury hotel at the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains.  This chic hotel is located a stone throw away from the local port.


Located 50 minutes from Palma

Venue 9

Historical finca with stunning grounds and impressive backdrops.


Located 30 minutes from Palma

Venue 10

Located in a 130 hectare oasis where nature, art and architecture meet this unique and private villa has breath-taking mountain and sea views.


Located 50 minutes from Palma

Venue 11

A thirteenth century former monastery located on a mountain top with its very own open air marble folly and breath-taking sea views.


Located 40 minutes from Palma

Venue 12

An impressive seventeenth century farmhouse surrounded by vineyards and olive groves with a spectacular mill and magnificent gardens. 


Located 20 minutes from Palma

Venue 13

A majestic finca accessed through a beautiful stone cloister and an impressive square turret.  Stunning view surround this property which also boasts a chapel.


Located 15 minutes from Palma

Venue 14

A magnificent estate surrounded by beauty allowing you to breath in the tranquillity of the Mallorcan countryside.  A very special venue for all events.


Located 20 minutes from Palma

Venue 15

A spectacular rural hotel located in a classic hacienda which has been beautifully restored to the highest standards.  Surrounded by olive, orange, lemon and almond trees as well as native animals this property presents the authentic rural landscape of Mallorca.


Located 40 Minutes from Palma

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