Is It Possible To Plan A Wedding In Six Months

We all live in a world of instant communication, television programs on demand, next day online delivery services etc so why should you have to wait such a long time to celebrate your special day? Have you ever wondered is it possible to plan a wedding in six months?

Well the answer is …. Yes! And it can still be just as fabby as one planned over a fourteen month period! To plan a wedding in just six months you’ll need to follow these tips and hints to get you up the aisle on time.

1. Hire A Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding for 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 or even 200 of your nearest and dearest can be a very stressful task for anyone let alone when you reduce the planning time to six months. A professional wedding planner can expertly compress the planning schedule taking all of the stress out of your hands by utilising their expertly handpicked list of vendors to ensure your budget is well managed and offer you as many options as possible. This allows you to shortcut all of the time taken to research vendors and enjoy the quick run up to your big day.

2. Establish What Is Most Important To You And Set Your Budget

When time is tight it is important that you set a realistic and concrete budget for your wedding day. There are a number of plates to keep up in the air in the run up to your wedding and your planner will be able to manage these for you once there is clear direction on the budget and your priorities for the big day.

Priorities, priorities, priorities ….. The best way to execute a wedding in a short timeframe is to decide upon three things that are most important for you both, these may be great photography, great food and fabulous flowers. When you are clear about what is important to you your planner can concentrate on getting these tasks of the ground as quickly as possible and manage the budget on the remaining items from there.

3. Month One – Action Plan

So you’ve decided whats most important to you, great, this is where all your planners energy should be focused in the first month of your tight timeline. While they may or may not be top of your list of priorities there are two things every wedding needs, firstly a dress and secondly a venue. Most custom wedding dresses can take up to eight months to make so for this timeline you will have to look at alternative options such as off the rack or preloved wedding dresses or perhaps vintage is more your style. Notwithstanding these options you will still need to complete this task in the first month to allow for any alterations and fittings to take place. The dress is also an important item to help set the tone and design for the wedding.

When it comes to a venue sourcing on a short timeline you’ll be glad you have enlisted the help of your wedding planner who will be there to shortlist the options and arrange viewings on your behalf. As many venues are booked over a year in advance you may have to be flexible on days and times when it comes to securing your venue.

After these big ticket items have been complete and you have decided on the tone and design of your wedding, your planner can take it from here organising all of the minute details and dealing with all the moving parts up until the very last minute.

4. Go With The Flow

Yes, yes, yes you will still have your pick of high quality suppliers but with a short timeline it is important that you remain as flexible as possible on some of your wishlist items. Your planner will discuss and tease out issues with you to help you decide what is most important to you and come up with the next best alternative.

5. Enjoy The Process

As a wedding planner I enjoy the thrill or organising and planning beautiful events in record time and this level of enjoyment should be felt by you both too. Enlisting the assistance of a wedding planner will allow you both enjoy the short run-up to your big day knowing everything is being taken care of and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the whirlwind ride.

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