Five Reasons to Hire a Destination Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding for any amount of people can be stressful and time consuming in your own country let alone trying to plan your wedding in another country which brings with it its own difficulties. The run-up to your wedding should be as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Here are five reasons why hiring a destination wedding planner is a good idea:

1. Time

‘People don’t run out of dreams people only run out of time,’ Glenn Frey

Planning a wedding can be time consuming and as we all know too well time is in short supply for us all due to the demands of our day to day lives. Hiring a wedding planner will reduce the amount of time and effort you have to put in. Your wedding planner will listen carefully to your desires, needs and wants and help by shortlisting venues, prioritising and attending meetings on your behalf. In some instances you may be operating from a different timezone to the country where you wish to get married and this will cause further unneeded stress. As the bride and groom it is important that you enjoy the run up to your wedding and take time together and with your family to relax and enjoy the journey. When the main event arrives your wedding planner will be there to deal with all suppliers on your behalf and deal with matters as they arise allowing you to spend more quality time with your family and guests as they arrive to celebrate your big day with you.

2. Legalities

Understanding the legal obligations required in your chosen country to ensure you receive your marriage cert can be quite a minefield. Your planner will be able to make this process flow seamlessly for you carefully explaining the paperwork and timescales for when the various bits and pieces are required and follow up with you to ensure all deadlines are met. Your planner will also communicate on your behalf with the Local Town Hall to ensure all your paperwork is in order and you receive your marriage certificate.

3. Language

If your Spanish repertoire only extends to ‘Hola’ ‘Gracias’ and ‘Vino’ and you plan on organising your destination wedding from afar, there is no doubt about it that you will appreciate the value of hiring a planner after one too many difficult conversations with suppliers in very bad broken English and a lack of responses to your emails from suppliers who don’t understand what you are asking for. Using a wedding planner who speaks the language you can be assured all of your special requests for floral arrangements, special dietary requests and accommodation needs of your guests are met and understood. Your planner will manage the relationship between you, your vision and the suppliers to ensure all of your requests are met.

4. Local Vendor Knowledge

Your wedding planner will be hot off the block utilising their list of carefully picked suppliers of all things weddings giving you the luxury of saving time, effort and money. Your wedding planner will work with suppliers they can trust and are the best in the business and will give you plenty of options so you can choose your design and style and know that your vision will be communicated effectively to all involved.

5. Budget

Your wedding planner will save you money and help make your budget go as far as possible. They will have developed good relationships with suppliers and will be comfortable negotiating more competitive rates on your behalf. As they are constantly dealing with suppliers they will be more familiar with market rates in order to get you the best deal. Your planner will also help you set and stick to your budget offering suitable alternative solutions.

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