Start Your Wedding Day Celebrations in The Most Relaxing Way Possible

Today we look at something a little different yet still luxurious for you and your soon to be husband or wife and perhaps even your wedding party. As your wedding day fast approaches why not take some much needed R&R time and step back in time by visiting one of Southern Spains stunning ancient baths. A beautiful relaxing retreat for you while we look after all the finishing touches for your big day and organise your guests arrivals.

We have had the pleasure of visiting Aire de Seville Arab Baths and the Hammam al Andalus Arab Baths in Cordoba (for research purposes only!)

Stepping into these baths allows you to forget about time and pre-wedding day stress as you step into these ancient baths and forget about everything. It is a pleasure for all the senses with the sound of the water, tranquil music, perfumed air and delicious teas. The facilities are some of the most luxurious facilities to enjoy as you dip gently between the different hot, warm and cold baths in addition to the traditional hammon (steam room). There is a wide range of relaxing massages and body scrubs to help you drift off into a pleasant state of bliss while we work on the finishing details for your wedding day.

The baths are built in ancient vaults with carved ornate ceilings and decorative elements. Relaxing in these baths is the ultimate revitalising experience for you both and you’ll soon understand why this oldest and most relaxing tradition is still so popular even eight centuries after Moorish rule.

Don’t worry if your wedding isn’t in either Seville or Cordoba, the very clever people who own these baths also have baths in the following locations meaning you can enjoy this relaxing treat just before your big day wherever it is;

Aire – Seville, Barcelona, Almeria, Valleromanes, New York, Chicago (2017), Paris (2018) and London (2018)

Hammam al Andalus – Cordoba, Granada, Madrid and Malaga

As part of our wedding planning service we are pleased to offer a service that looks after you and your guests needs from start to finish, so if this is the relaxing start you wish for you and your wedding party we would be delighted to organise this special treat for you all.

One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to go back and carry out some further ‘ahem’ research on your behalf!

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