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One of the most important ingredients for your wedding is your choice of wedding photographer as they will capture all the special moments of the day so you can cherish them always and bring yourself back to your big day in just one glance.

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We spoke with John Murray, Award Winning Portrait, Photographer and Former Wedding Photographer to get his expert opinion of what you need to consider when choosing your photographer. This he said was the easiest question to answer what is more important is understanding the work and dedication your photographer should put into capturing your special moments for you. Here are his thoughts …..

So, the fundamentals. Choosing a photographer. When you sit down and think about it, there are four people important to every wedding, each with their own specific and vital role. Ranked in order of importance: The Bride/Brides: Because lets face it. The Groom/Grooms: Because he is tagging along. The Planner: Who's career choice means they shave years off their life so that you can have an easy day at the start of the rest of yours!! The photographer: The one who not only records the day, but directs it too.

Luma Weddings Photography www.lumaweddinsg.com

What is your photographers job? So on the day of your wedding, you get up in the morning, happy and excited. The happiest day of your life. Surrounded by those you love and those who just about made it onto the guest list. From that moment, your photographer is your friend, your confident, your councillor and your go to guy/girl. A photographer worth their weight in gold will make you laugh, make you cry and make you feel at ease for all of the important parts of the day.

So the job. Your photographer will meet you and listen to your plans and requests. Learn your traits and personalities, work on the timings of the wedding and lay out a plan of action. Before the wedding even happens. The photographer armed with only a set of times, will visit the locations of the wedding, plan and visualise shots, learn where the light comes from at different times of the day and make notes. This is the day the photographer sees your wedding photos. From this they will know what they need in order to make this day spectacular.

The morning of the wedding, the photographer will arrive with the alarm clocks never ending ring and watch the interactions in both houses. Photographing the laughter the nerves and the little details that make up your day. The something old, the something new the borrowed and the blue…….. and especially the shoes. Seamlessly they will fold into the shadows, watching the little moments that make families, families. The interactions that make love feel like love, all the while giving themselves away with the quietest of clicks.

Luma Weddings Photography www.lumaweddinsg.com

The time comes to make the final journey as a single person, the long ride to the ceremony the photographer will switch into high gear. The cogs of thought racing as they plan 3 steps ahead. Photographing and guiding moments like the closing of the dress and the words of advise from a best man, a father or a mother. The race is on. To leave the bride, get to the church and catch the nervous moments of the groom awaiting the doors to open. When the car arrives, out the door to catch the new Jimmy Choos touch the gravel as her father holds her hand. The look as she catches her fathers eye. Back to the head of the isle. Watching at just the right angle as the bridesmaids come up the isle. Click, Click, Click.... Then a pause. The doors open.

The groom stares at the photographer waiting for his queue to turn, only on his say so can he see his bride for the first time. Click, Click as she walks up the isle. A sharp move to see the reaction of the groom as he sees her for the first time. The second photographer at another angle to catch his eyes across her shoulder. During the ceremony the photographers catch the vital moments. All the while reviewing the mornings work and planning the next stages. After the I do's. The walk down the isle, the instruction of stop half way. The kiss, the exit into the world as Mr. & Mrs as the doors fling open. The laughter and the tears, the bride and groom as happy as they will ever be all beautifully documented. Every moment captured, posed and planned by the photographer. Shots that have been in his/her head for months coming to life in vibrant colour on the 3 inch screens of the cameras. Every minute accounted for and pre planned. The cocktail hour. The jubilant celebrations. The friends and neighbours catching up. Laughing and chatting about old times and memories of when the bride and groom were young and met. Every little glint and look caught. The dinner and dancing. The speeches and toasts. Guided by the photographers catching the eye of the bride and groom, the nods and winks.

After the day, they will sift through thousands of images. culling down to just a few hundred that highlight the magic of your day. Sharing with you how it all looked from the outside in. Then once selected editing in fine detail the photographs. All in all up to 120hrs of dedication to the one day you will see for the rest of your lives through their eyes.

Luma Wedding Photography

Luma Weddings Photography www.lumaweddinsg.com

Choosing the photographer: This is the easy part. Look at their portfolio and understand the level of work that goes into the day. Take that into account when considering the price. Ask them about their work flow. Are they insured? Make sure you like them. Ask for references and make sure the wedding planner likes them. They are too important not to be perfect for you.

Photographic contribution: Kyle Goldie, Luma Weddings Photography http://lumaweddings.com/

Blog contribution: John Murray, John Murray Headshots http://www.johnmurrayheadshots.com/

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