Will You Marry Me?

My parents have been happily married for almost 36 years and my grandparents an awe inspiring 58 years. When I ask my Mum or Nana how either my Dad or Grandad proposed both smile with a glint in their eye as they start to tell their respective stories.

My Grandparents - 1959

My Grandparents - 1960

There is no doubt about it as soon as your engagement is announced people will ask, ‘So, how did he propose?’ The story of how you proposed is one that will be told over and over again to your loved ones, friends, work colleagues, strangers and so on. It will be retold many times for the rest of your lives so no pressure guys ….. you better make it a story that will make your significant other smile a glint her eye as she remembers that magic moment and retells the story fondly.

So you’ve decided to pop the question, now you need to come up with the perfect proposal setting. Well, we are delighted to be here to help, on top of planning weddings we are quite good at helping you plan your proposal. We will work with you to come up with a bespoke proposal expertly tailored with just your special lady in mind.

In the meantime here are three of our top tips and considerations for you once you’ve made the decision to pop the question:

1. Ask Permission

Ok this may seem a little outdated or unnecessary in today’s society especially when you’ve probably been living together for some time now or may already have children together however this is something that is held in high regard by a lot of women.Your special lady may view this as mark of respect for her family so make sure you give this some consideration before you as Beyoncé would say …. put a ring on it.Ideally this should be done face to face with your future father-in-law, mother-in-law or close family member.

2. The Ring

If you are not sure what style ring best suits your partner do like a lot of men nowadays and use a placeholder ring.This token ring will mark the occasion so that you and your partner can choose the perfect ring together once the cat is out of the bag.The ring represents your commitment and it will make the moment real.If you are determined to have ‘the ring’ at the time you propose it is important that you carry out your research, find out what style of ring your partner is interested in by looking at their existing jewelry or speak with a trusted friend or family member.A good jeweler will also be able to guide you in the right direction.

3. Words, words, words…..

At the end of the day you can plan the most elaborate proposal but what will really mean the world to your special someone are the words you speak to them as you get down on bended knee.This is really what will make your proposal stand out, tell him/her how you knew they were The One and how important they are in your lifeand don’t forget to tell them all you want to share with them in the future.

Still stressed?? That’s ok we have another solution …… Hire A Proposal Planner

We don’t just do wedding planning here at Ann Smyth Weddings, as we are addicted to all things weddings so we like to help out with the proposal itself. Believe us when we say hiring a Proposal Planner is the most stress free options for all your impending en-fiancéd out there. We will take care of all the details for you wherever it is you wish to propose, London, Paris, Madrid, the college you both met in, your backyard anything is possible.

It is our job to save you time as we will organise the perfect location for you and all the extras such as flowers, musicians, picnics or whatever else you wish. Having a Proposal Planner has the added benefit of there being just one point of contact to deal with making it so much easier to keep everything under wraps. Through our extensive list of vendors we know exactly who to go to give you top notch service so all you have to do is concentrate on is what you are going to say to your special someone while we handle the detail for you.

Knowing your planner has everything in hand means you can really enjoy being in the moment! If you are interested in our Proposal Services please drop us an email to ann@annsmythweddings.com and we would be delighted to speak with you.

Finally, good luck!

Engagement Photographs: Memories by Magda www.memoriesbymagda.com

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