Just Engaged, What Next? Our Top Tips

Congratulations you’re engaged!! Here are our top tips to kick start your wedding adventure.

1. So, When Is the Big Day?

This will be the question on everyone’s lips when they hear your wonderful news. This really won’t be decided until you have made other important decisions such as what location or venue you wish to get married in. At this early stage focus on a number of dates that appeal to you, is there a specific season, event or holiday you wish to have your wedding during? Are there any other major family occasions which you may want to honour or avoid, when you have answered these important questions take a look at the calendar and decide on a number of dates that appeal to you as the exact date will be determined by your venue and vendor selection and their availability.

2. Set Your Budget

This really is the starting point for all weddings. Speak with your partner about both of your expectations what you both agree is an acceptable budget to reflect this. While setting your budget also discuss what are the three most important aspects for each of you for the big day. These are your non-negotiables, identifying these will help you both decide how to allocate your budget so that all of your ‘musts’ are catered for. You should agree that once these non-negotiables are met you will be willing to compromise on the amount for money spent on other items.

3. Prepare Your Guest List

Now that you have a clear idea of your budget you need to sit down and start to put together your guest list. This initial draft will help guide you on costs and what type of venues you should be looking for. A number of venues have a minimum number of covers and if you are keen on a small an intimate wedding you will be expected to make up the difference if you do not meet the minimum number of covers. If you are planning a destination wedding abroad consider how likely your guests are to travel for your wedding as the same considerations regarding minimum covers etc apply.

4. Insure Your Engagement Ring

Insuring your engagement ring will give you both peace of mind and is therefore worth it. You can either add the value of your engagement ring to your home insurance policy or you can insure it through a company that deals specifically in jewellry insurance. Another top tip is to invest in a ring holder for every sink in your house! Put a ring holder dish at each sink in your house if you are inclined to remove it when you are washing your hands, getting into the habit of placing it in this dish will save you many mini-heart attack’s when you can’t find your ring after washing your hands!

5. Hire A Wedding Planner

We might be a tad bias on this one however if you are both very busy with work and social commitments and have a high demand on your valuable time hiring a wedding planner is the best action you will take. Also, if you are planning on getting married in a different country hiring a wedding planner will free up so much of your time and make the whole process from announcement to honeymoon run so much more smoothly. Your planner can take care of everything for you or they can come up with a wedding plan for you guiding you on budget, timings, go to vendors, design concepts etc and you can take the reins from there. Another option is to have a wedding planner for on the day coordination to make sure everything runs smoothly for you. Whichever option takes your fancy this will be one investment you will be grateful you made. Your planner will guide you to make the right decisions and will manage your budget impeccably and ensure all items are thought of and included and there are no nasty surprises closer to your wedding day.

6. Book Your Top Three

As mentioned earlier discuss and agree both of your top three non-negotiables. The main one will be your venue then it may be your music, photographer, a specific celebrant etc. Bottom line is whatever is it that is very important to you both should be booked as soon as possible. The average engagement last 14 months but don’t let this lull you into a false sense of security that you have plenty of time. Top vendors get snapped up months even years in advance so to avoid disappointment make those bookings as soon as possible. All bookings should be made once you have confirmed a date you are happy with, with your chosen venue.

7. Register Your Engagement

You might be afraid that this may seem a tad greedy however some of your guests, family and friends may appreciate a nudge in the right direction when buying you a gift to mark your engagement. The reality is that this will become your wedding gift list and some of your guests may appreciate the foresight.

8. Decide on Your Wedding Party

The sooner you decide on your bridesmaid and groomsmen the sooner you can start to enlist their help, and who doesn’t need all the help they can get!? Take into consideration their own commitments and whether they will be able to commit to you the time and attention you will require. Establishing the size of the wedding party will also help when considering your budget.

Our final word of advice is to ensure you enjoy every moment that you are engaged. This is an occasion which will more than likely only happen once in your lifetime and should therefore be thoroughly enjoyed by you both. Enjoy the anticipation, excitement and love that will surround you both during this time. As long as you enjoy the journey to your wedding day you can be sure your wedding day will be a day you will remember for the rest of your life.

Please drop us an email to ann@annsmythweddings.com should you wish to learn more about the services we offer.

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