What to include in your Wedding Day ‘Just Incase Kit’

As your big day approaches you want to be confident you take all the necessary steps to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible for you. In our experience preparation, preparation, preparation is the key to making this happen. Having a ‘Just Incase Kit’ (we don’t like to use the words emergency kit as even the sound of the word make your heart race a little) is a great thing to have prepared so you can relax knowing you are prepared for all eventualities. Not all of the items on this list will be necessary but like we said ….. ‘Just In case’ we have included all we can think of. Please feel free to download our checklist for your own use, incase you're wondering why some things on the list, a how to use is provided below:

Face & Hair:

  1. Blotting paper (to absorb shine if your skin has a tenancy to be oily)

  2. Face powder (as above)

  3. Compact mirror (to keep an eye on your visage)

  4. Tweezers (great for stray hairs, unruly lashes that refuse to separate for you)

  5. Lip gloss/balm/lipstick (for topping up in between photos and your glass of champagne)

  6. Mints/Mouthwash/Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss (always be first kiss as man and wife ready!)

  7. Face mist (to refresh you and you and your make up)

  8. Sunscreen Face & Body (make sure you have previously used the cream you are choosing so you do not have any reactions to it and are confident how this photographs under your makeup as some sunscreen can be light reflective. Also, we have seen some sunscreens react with manicures and dissolve the polish so be sure to test this before your big day)

  9. Kleenex (for your happy tears obviously!)

  10. Eyedrops (good to brighten up your eyes after using aforementioned Kleenex)

  11. Fans (hopefully these are necessary as its nice and warm on your wedding day)

  12. Makeup minitures (so that you can top up your make up throughout the day if needed, this can also double up as your travel makeup for your honeymoon so you are fresh faced getting off your flight)

  13. Cotton balls/Q-tips (great for tidying up make up mishaps)

  14. Make up remover (breath and start again)

  15. Mini hairspray (to make sure your hair stays just perfect throughout the day)

  16. Mini brush/comb (to keep your hair looking smooth)

  17. Spare bobby pins/clips 9 for any loose strands of hair or to pin your veil in tighter)

  18. Dry shampoo (again in mini, always useful for a quick volume boost)

  19. Straws (so you can drink without ruining your lippie while getting ready)

Your Body, Hands & Feet:

  1. Nail files/nail clippers (for any quick repairs)

  2. Clear nail polish (to smooth out any unwanted chips but also very useful for coating costume jewellery for anyone who has a reaction to wearing this)

  3. Hand sanitizer (well …. just incase!)

  4. Blister plasters (especially in a hot country your comfy shoes may not always be so comfy!)

  5. Gel cushions (to sooth the balls of those feet)

  6. Heel protectors (useful if you are expecting to walk across grass for photos etc)

  7. Baby powder (this is one of my mums old tricks, pop some baby powder in your shoes to keep them fresh and stop rubbing)

  8. Flats/slippers (for later when your feet are super tired)

  9. Deodorant (especially in a warm climate and your dress is quite warm)

  10. Perfume (get a small spritz bottle and fill it with your fragrance of choice so you can keep topping up all day)

  11. Tampons or panty liners (just incase)

  12. Spare underwear and tights (you never know, so always be prepared)

  13. Razors (just incase)


*Please ensure you take medical advise on any of these items

  1. Paracetamol/Asprin

  2. Indigestion remedies

  3. Allergy medication (check with your pharmacist if this can be taken before you leave for your wedding, to build up resistance, prevention is better than cause!)

  4. Dioralyte (incase you are feeling a little dehydrated this is a fantastic quick acting remedy)

  5. Vaseline (you can never have enough of this as far as we are concerned)

  6. Bug spray (to prevent any nasty bites)

Fashion Fixes:

  1. Sewing kit (for any quick fixes)

  2. Baby wipes (stain be gone!)

  3. Safety pins/ Fashion tape (very useful for unruly hemlines and deep necklines)

  4. Stain removal pen (for any spills)

  5. Spare earing backs (someone is bound to lose one)

  6. Scissors (for any stray threads or to cut off labels)

  7. Super glue (just incase)

  8. Lint roller (to make sure everything is just perfect)

  9. Lighter (for stop fraying ribbon)

  10. White chalk (stain cover up)

Just To Be Sure:

  1. Water (make sure you have bottles of water available, it’s a long day and very important you remain hydrated)

  2. Snacks (granola bars, nuts etc to banish any hunger pains and deal with dehydration)

Lets not forget the Groom:

  1. Snacks and drinks (make sure your groom and his groomsmen are not hangry waiting for you to arrive)

  2. Toiletries (its easier for the boys but you can include aftershave, shaving foam, razors, hair gel, deodorant, aspirin and tissues)

  3. Fashion fixes (lint brush, shoe polish spare cufflinks, safety pins, wet wipes and stain remover.

We would love to hear from you, if you have feedback or further tips.

Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about us and our services please drop us an email to ann@annsmythweddings.com and we will be delighted to assist you.


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