What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

I have very fond memories of playing dress up in my mothers wedding dress which she expertly turned into a Halloween costume for me and even made it work for a school play. My mother was married in the 1980’s and did not spend a lot of money on her dress so her emotional attachment to it was not so high. For some brides however, your wedding dress is something you have been thinking about for months, years or a lifetime perhaps. The ratio of time you get to wear this special dress relative to the time you spend thinking and planning it and every detail is very disproportionate and a little unfair.

Your wedding dress evokes many emotions happiness, love, joy, excitement etc so it can be difficult to part with it. To help you with this process we have put together some ideas of what to do with your dress and hopefully there is one that takes your fancy.

Professional Cleaning and Preservation

You partied the night away in your dress and the evidence of this is clear, do not fret this is always the sign of a good night!We would highly recommend having your dress professionally cleaned and preserved.Professionally preserving your dress will stop it from yellowing as time passes.Your dress will more than likely be a mixture of natural and manmade fabrics so they need to be treated accordingly to keep your frock looking as good as it did not the day you wore it.

A Keepsake

After you have had your dress professionally cleaned and preserved you now have time to think about what you want to do with it in the safe knowledge that it is in tiptop condition.As a keepsake, your dress can be kept for your daughter, goddaughter, future daughter in law etc to use in its entirety or to use some parts of it as part of their wedding dress.Some ideas include have a garter made out of the lace form your dress, or as part of the Brides bouquet.Your dress can also be later used to make a christening gown for your children.All of these ideas are a lovely way to mark all of these milestone moments in your family’s life.

Donate Your Dress

Donating your dress is a lovely way to pay it forward and allow someone else to experience the happiness you did in your dress.There are many charities which are more than delighted to accept your dress and find it another welcoming home.

Throw A Dress Party

Every bride would relish the opportunity to wear their dress for a second time, so why not give yourself the opportunity to do so.Better yet, give this gift to your friends too who have previously been married.At some stage after your wedding you could throw a party at home where you and all your girlfriends get together and dress up in your dresses.If a number of your friends are getting married around similar times, you can each rotate hosting these dress parties and you can wear your dress as often as you like!

Trash Your Dress

This one always proves a great photo opportunity, it can be carried out a month or a year after your wedding.You can throw paint, swim in ocean or have a snowball fight in the snow and have the occasion photographed to mark it.

Restyle It

Find yourself an excellent seamstress and have your dress remodelled.This is a great way to experience all those happy feelings every time you put on your newly styled wedding dress.

Sell It

More than likely you paid a pretty penny for your dress and it would be nice to recoup some of that money if you can.You can sell your wedding dress online and no doubt your new husband will be impressed with your resourcefulness when you tell him how much you sold your wedding dress for.

So there you have it our top suggestions on what to do with your much loved wedding dress. Whatever you choose to do with it make sure you have fully considered all of the options and are 100% happy with your decision because once you’ve trashed that dress there is no going back!

Whatever you choose, enjoy!

If you would like to hear more from us please drop us an email to ann@annsmythweddings.com we would be delighted to hear from you.

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