20 Things To Do The Night Before Your Wedding

Here are our 20 top tips of what to do the night before your wedding so you are fully prepared and can relax.

1. Follow up with all your vendors, print out contact list

If you do not have a Wedding Planner it is a good idea to drop each of your vendors a quick call just to confirm their start time and anticipate any kinks that might need ironing out.It is also advisable to print out a list of all of your vendors and give this list to a point person (perhaps your Maid of Honour) so they can deal with any queries on the day.You should also pass this point persons contact details onto your suppliers just in case they get lost on the way to the venue and need a little assistance.

2. Practice walking in your shoes

It is our experience that the shoes are one of the last-minute items that the Bride or Groom purchases.While they might have felt comfortable in the shop while you felt under pressure to make a choice it is best to try them on and wear them for a few hours to allow your feet and shoes get familiar with each other.If they feel tight pop on the thickest pair of socks you have and wear them with your shoes to stretch them out as much as possible.If you have recently taken a flight to your venue you may find your feet are swollen so make sure you prepare for this.

3. Pack your bags and put them in the car

If you are not staying at your venue the night before your wedding make sure you pack your overnight bag and put them in the car.Appoint someone to look after them and bring them into the venue for you and make sure they are brought to the Bridal Suite on your behalf.Equally, if you are staying in the venue and are changing rooms on your wedding night make sure to leave your bags at the door and advise the venue that you will need them moved during the day.

4. Drink plenty of water

We cannot stress this one enough, with everything going on around you it might be easy to forget to stay hydrated.It is so important to ensure you feel in tip top condition on the day of your wedding, your skin is glowing and any water retention you may have from your flight is combated by proper hydration.Staying hydrated will also make sure you have a good night’s sleep.

5. Pack your ‘Just In Case’ bag

When it comes to weddings anything can go wrong, so many variables to consider so it is completely understandable that you may overlook something.To try and mitigate the risk of this as much as possible it is important to pack a just in case kit with everything you may possible need.Check out our recent blog post here with our suggestions for putting this together.

6. Finishing Touches – Mani & Pedi

While our advice is to avoid any beauty treatments the day before your wedding we strongly believe in the relaxing power a good manicure and pedicure can give you.Take some time to relax with your Bridesmaids, Mum and sisters and enjoy adding the finishing touches to your look with a manicure and pedicure.

7. Eat a healthy dinner

The day of your wedding you don’t want any hiccups so make sure you eat a light healthy meal the night before your wedding. We would not suggest eating anything new or you haven’t tried before so that everything is in proper working order on your wedding day. A light healthy meal will also ensure you have a good nights sleep, eating a rich heavy meal will make it difficult to sleep.

8. Turn your phone off or put it on silent

We cannot stress enough how important it is to live in the moment and relax this one in a lifetime event.While countless loving messages will be flowing into your inbox or being shared on Facebook and other social media platforms so too will silly requests and questions from guests.This is additional pressure you do not need.If you wish to keep your phone on we suggest you pass your phone to your point person and let them deal with these queries.

9. Watch a funny movie, reminisce over photos of you and your partner, take a bath

It is so important that you relax and enjoy these 48 hours. When you retire to your room the night before your wedding it is important you do something for yourself to help you relax and stay in a happy and loving state of being.Line up some of your favourite romcom’s to watch with your Bridesmaids, perhaps look over photos of you and your future husband and remember how far you have come together and that tomorrow is the perfect way to mark that commitment to each other.Run yourself a long hot bath and enjoy, do make sure that your skin in used to your bubble bath of choice to avoid any nasty surprises in the morning.

10. Have a good night sleep

While you will be going through a spectrum of emotions over the course of the next 48 hours it is so important that you get a good nights sleep. All of our tips here will assist you in achieving this and helping you to relax.If you find exercise also helps to tire you out, make sure you get some in.

11. Pack a reception clutch and flip flops

Pack yourself a little clutch with anything you think you may need, some make up, tissues, your perfume etc.After a few hours you may also need to change into something more comfortable so have your very own set of flip flops ready to go too so you can dance the night away.Show your Maid of Honour where you have left these items so she can go and retrieve them for you when needed.

12. Have some cash on hand

Just in case there are any last-minute puts and pieces you need to send someone for.

13. Check your vendor payments

This is somewhat linked to point 12.Ideally you will have made all payments to your vendors by electronic transfer before you wedding day but just in case double check when payments are due and assign someone to make the final payments on the night for you if this is required.

14. Enjoy special time with family, friends and your future husband – say thank you!

A wedding is a wonderful opportunity for family members who may not always be in a position to see each other spend time together, enjoy this luxury.Be grateful for all of these wonderful people in your life who have been with you up until this moment.Say thank you to your family and friends for their love, support and guidance.Tell your Groom how much you love him or perhaps write him a love note about how much he means to you as this is what all of this preparation boils down to.

15. Practice your vows or speech

If you have written your own vows or plan of doing a speech make sure you practice this in the mirror not only the day before but for a few days before the wedding.This will help you relax on the day and deliver the vows with confidence.

16. Avoid too much alcohol and caffeine

On your wedding day, you want to be as fresh as possible and have had a good nights sleep.Avoiding alcohol and caffeine is a good way to ensure this is the case.

17. Wash your hair or have a blow out

For any up styles and hairdo’s, the best results are always achieved with pre-washed hair.Freshly washed hair can be too silky and prove difficult for your hair stylist to work with.We suggest having a blow out the day before the wedding so you look fabulous throughout the day and feel good about yourself and you can enjoy the benefit of this blow out when your hair stylist works their magic on your wedding day.

18. Don’t try out any new skin regimes and leave that spot alone!

The night before you wedding is not the time try out any new potions or lotions on your skin.If on the morning of your wedding you wake up with an unwelcomed visitor on your face whatever you do, do not touch it. Leave it to the professionals your makeup artist will know all the tricks in the book to make that bad boy disappear!

19. Outfit and ring checks

One last run over all the outfits for the wedding party to ensure all shoes, jewellery, ties, cufflinks etc are all present and correct will give you some further peace of mind and help you relax.

20. Enjoy – live in the moment!

This is one point we cannot stress enough, don’t worry about things going wrong and if they do laugh at them.You are about to marry the person of your dreams and any hiccups are nothing in comparison to this special time.

So there you have it our top 20 tips to help you get ready the night before your wedding.If you would like to learn more about us we would be delighted to speak with you so please drop us an email to ann@annsmythweddings.com

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