Frequently Asked Questions - Getting Married in Spain

If you are the process of deciding where to hold your wedding, we have detailed below some frequently asked questions we receive regarding weddings in Spain which we hope you find helpful.

Q: How can we legally get married in Spain?

A: For non-nationals only weddings which take place in a church are considered legal. It is not possible to have a Civil Wedding in Spain unless either of you are a Spanish national or have lived in Spain for 2 years or more.

Most couple who choose to get married in Spain carry out the legalities in their home country before they fly to Spain for their wedding. A ceremony can still be held for your Spanish wedding and your guests are none the wiser that it is not a legal wedding.

Q: What type of ceremony can we have?

A: It is possible to have all types ceremonies in Spain, humanist, spiritual and same sex marriage ceremonies are also possible. Religious ceremonies tend to be mainly Catholic.

Q. How long do we have to be in Spain before the wedding date?

A. Unlike Italy there as your wedding ceremony will more than likely by symbolic in nature there is no need for you to be in the country for any period of time before the wedding.

Q. I’ve been recently divorced. Can I get married in Spain?

A. Yes, the majority of instances you can. This is mainly due to the fact that the legalities will have been carried out in your home country and once this is in order there are no issues with you marrying in Spain via a symbolic ceremony.

Q. What locations in Spain can you organise weddings in? A. Spain is such a beautiful and versatile country and it is my pleasure to therefore plan weddings all over the country. The Balearic Islands are also a very popular location with my clients. Opening my work to any location in Spain keeps the options fresh and interesting.

Q. Can we perform a full Roman Catholic wedding in Spain? A. The simple answer is yes you can once one of you are a member of the Roman Catholic faith. It is quite a long process to have your paperwork prepared, translated and approved by the Local Bishop but this is a service we are happy to help our clients with. Where time is of the essence this may not always be an option as it requires at least 6-8 months preparation.

Q. Can I get married in a legally valid outdoor location? A. It is possible to marry outside in Spain however the ceremony will only be symbolic and therefore not legal. An outdoor legal civil ceremony is only valid if either of you are a Spanish citizen or have lived in the country for two years prior to your wedding.

Q. Will we be able to choose our suppliers?

A. Yes, we do not work exclusively with any suppliers or venues. We prefer to give you as many venue, photography, floral etc options as possible. You can then review the proposed suppliers and decide which ones best suit your personal style. This is the best way to ensure the whole event has your personal stamp on it without having to trawl through suppliers yourself.

Q. What is the shortest timescale for planning a wedding? A. As your wedding will more than likely be a symbolic wedding it will be possible to plan your wedding within 6 months. Do remember however that if you are choosing to get married in peak season at short notice securing accommodation in the same venue for your guests may not always be possible. In lower season months such as April, October and November it would be possible to plan your wedding within 4 months.

Q. What’s the weather like at various times of the year? A. Spain is a wonderful location for sunshine and it is highly likely that you will experience fabulous weather on your wedding day. Obviously, the further north you are in the country the less reliable the weather is in the Spring and Autumn months. Generally speaking if you draw an east/west line across the country through Madrid you will find fabulous weather south of this line from early May to late October.

Q. How much will it cost? A. As detailed on your website we offer 3 levels of service. The details of these service can be found here. We would be delighted to advise you of our fees via email to

Q. We’re ready to get married what do we do next? A. As always, we are delighted to hear from you so please feel free to drop us an email to or alternatively via our Contact Us page on our website and tell us a little bit about yourselves, your budget and number of guests.

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